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  • Ozello Shrimper
    Ozello Shrimper Shrimping equipment designed for family, friends and fun. Catch your fill of shrimp and have a great time doing it!
  • Now Available
    Now Available A brand new Ozello Shrimper. State of the art, laser cut, marine grade aluminum honeycomb panels make this the best equipment on the market to catch shrimp! More Information
  • Easy to Do
    Easy to Do Anyone can shrimp with the Ozello Shrimper. Friends, family, kids. Best of all, it doesn't require expensive equipment or a boat!
  • Catch Shrimp
    Catch Shrimp Without bending over. Without getting your hands wet and without harming the environment.

Recreational Shrimping Equipment

Engineered to catch the most amount of shrimp possible in the shortest amount of time with little effort, low cost and no adverse impact on the surrounding environment.

  • Float and Bucket Holds your shrimp, keeping them alive and fresh.
  • Ozello Shrimper Catch shrimp without bending over, getting your hands wet or harming the environment!
  • Headlamps Light up the night and pinpoint shrimp on the grass flats

The Ozello Shrimper, Old and New

Ozello Shrimper Method

Discover why the Ozello Shrimper method is superior to all other recreational shrimping methods today. We provide a comparison of all popular methods and highlight where the Ozello Shrimper outpaces them all.

More Information

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State of the Art Shrimping Precision Precision

Engineered to Perfection

The modern Ozello Shrimper is made of laser-cut, marine grade, honeycomb, aluminum panels and is structurally engineered to withstand years of shrimping use in salt water conditions. The design has been refined numerous times by engineers, scientists and inventive individuals during the course of their shrimping adventures into what you see here today. The Ozello Shrimper is built to catch shrimp!
Everything you need to go shrimping Quality

For Shrimpers, By Shrimpers

Ozello Shrimper manufactures and sells quality equipment designed to catch shrimp for personal consumption. No boats, no nets, no getting your hands dirty. Low environmental impact too! Try out our gear and see for yourself.
Shrimping Analysis and InformationIntelligence

Shrimping Intelligence

We take shrimping seriously and study the prime conditions for catching our favorite meal. When we find something new, we share it with you through our website. Whether it's the latest research on shrimp migration or predictions for the next shrimp run, we put all this information up here for free so you can get out and join us in catching enough shrimp to fill a freezer! Don't know where to begin to get started shrimping? Read through our website and you'll find out!

Florida West Coast Shrimping Areas

Shrimping is possible on the Wet Coast of Florida! Do you know where to go? Check out our interactive map of the best spots in the area:

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