Mission, Vision, Values

This site has been built for seasoned and beginning recreational shrimpers of all ages as well as anyone who shares an interest in recreational shrimping or the great outdoors.

It is our goal to be the definitive source for recreational shrimping related information for shrimpers within the State of Florida and across the United States. We hope to provide recreational shrimpers with the information, advice, tricks and tools they need to enjoy sport shrimping wherever they can be found.

We seek to achieve these aims, when possible, by:

  • Providing original recreational shrimping articles and content.
  • Identifying and explaining shrimping methods' advantages and disadvantages
  • Encouraging a knowledgeable community of recreational shrimpers
  • Empowering shrimpers with the tools and information they need
  • Identifying optimum conditions and locations using simple yet effective technology
  • Discussing legal best practices and safety information
  • Highlighting recreational shrimping media coverage and research
  • Sharing recipes and preparation tips for those bugs we have all come to know and love!

Unless otherwise noted, all information on this site is free of charge. Funds earned from the sale of our Ozello Shrimper recreational shrimping equipment, tournament entries and related merchandise go towards paying for this site.

All recreational shrimping equipment that is sold through our store is handmade and top of the line; made with care using high quality materials by people who actually use it. It would not be unheard of to find one of us alongside you out on the grass flats during high season foraging for our winter scampi!

Our Ozello Shrimper and related equipment have undergone decades of innovation, modification and improvements and we are very proud of them. It is the reason this site exists and the reason we have decided to share our knowledge with you. If you want to support our activities and purchase a great product, please patronize our store.

We look forward to providing high quality information to each of you and hope to hear your stories and shrimping experiences in the future.

Please enjoy your time on our site!

The Ozello Shrimpers