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The Ozello Shrimper has undergone decades of innovation and improvement and we don't intend to stop anytime soon.  While still in the preliminary research and planning phases, we are in the process of designing and producing a newer, better, and yes, cheaper model of the Ozello Shrimper that retains all the characteristics of its predecessors.  Are you interested in learning more?  Then answer this survey to give us an idea of your experiences, needs and expectations.  It will directly help us to produce a unit that meets your demands and tell us more about you.  We will use the information for future planning and research.

For questions that have multiple answers possible, press CTRL and click multiple options on a desktop computer.

Your Familiarity with Recreational Shrimping

In these questions we will ask you a bit about your level of experience with recreational shrimping, the different methods that you may have used or are using and your overall knowledge of the sport.

Familiarity with Ozello Shrimper

How familiar are you with Ozello Shrimper?  Where did you hear about us?


Questions we feel important and the answers to which will provide us guidance on the way forward.

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