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Topic-icon Still looking for that hot spot

7 years 10 months ago #1198 by Jessie123
Jessie123 created the topic: Still looking for that hot spot
Use to do a lot of shrimping ( off bridges and seawalls) in Texas and in the Miami area but haven't seen the little critters run here in SW Florida. Any of you know of any good places by skiff or swinging from a catwalk in Collier County? Back in TX and on the east coast; use to do well in late Jan thru March. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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7 years 10 months ago #1200 by Richard Martin
Richard Martin replied the topic: Still looking for that hot spot
Welcome to the Forum!

Collier County is a bit difficult because most of the shoreline is unpopulated and full of gators. It is also quite wide and the water flow coming off of the Everglades is fairly dispersed when it hits the Gulf. Your best bet is probably heading up to Marco Island.

The areas South of Johnson Bay and Rookery Bay would be where I first try. They open up into the Gulf after following a long path through several thick grassy bays in the North almost going all the way up to Naples. I would imagine that the grass flats in that area would probably have shrimp looking to leave the protected area and exit South out of the mouth of those two canals.
[gmap=http://www.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=&sll=25.983547,-81.749139&sspn=0.046061,0.082526&ie=UTF8&ll=25.99215,-81.744032&spn=0.046058,0.082526&t=h&z=14&output=embed:2fuxvwrw] www.google.com/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=...58,0.082526&t=h&z=14
	www.google.com/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=...58,0.082526&t=h&z=14 [/gmap:2fuxvwrw]

To the South of Marco, along Isle of Capri Road looks pretty good as well (from space) assuming you can get access to the water from there. Blue Hill Creek Drive (South of Marco Island) also looks like it juts out into the water near a lot of grass flats. Not being from the area, I can't tell you the depth or the feasibility though.

North of Marco looks accessible and the South looks like boater territory.

Stay near the grass flats on the upstream side of channels heading out to the gulf on low tides. The shrimp would be in those areas. I have heard that the shrimp run earlier in the year the further South you are and our season up in Central West is around April - July. You might try it out a few times in February to see if it works, find a nice place, etc. and see how the season treats you.

Let us know where you go and how you do!

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