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10 years 6 months ago #163 by redfish
redfish created the topic: Englewood
Englewood here, I got the head light, Net, and boat. I work the 75 ft radius or so, Getting quite a few(50 to 60) per hour. Where can I find the "Jumbo's" Is there a particular type of grass? A particular strength of the out going tide? Any idea on the numbers of shrimp per square foot of decent grass flat? Thanks for any help, Good Shrimping to all.

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10 years 6 months ago #168 by prawn
prawn replied the topic: Englewood
Shrimp per Sq. ft.?????

There is nothing set in concrete about shrimping. (except maybe grass flats, that's
where you'll find them) There are times when you can catch dozens of shrimp
without hardly moving. And then there are times when you might catch a shrimp
10 or 15 feet apart. (that is why a good spot light is recommended, so you can
spot your next shrimp 15 feet away)

When the shrimp go out to the Gulf to spawn, the larvae ride the tides back into
the grass flats. If you look closely, you will see their tiny bright eyes glowing now.
This will be the crop that goes out to spawn in November. The size of the shrimp
depends on the age (months) and the variety. The red shrimp run larger than the
green shrimp. And they move around with the tides. In March and April the shrimp
are not going to be as big as in May and June when they are mature and Nature calls.
(I hope you find this newsworthy)

One thing about shrimping,....I have very rarely gone home empty handed.
One thing about fishing,.........I have very rarely gone home with a fish.

Happy shrimping,


Don Kelly
Inventor of the Ozello Shrimper

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