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Bait Shrimping Areas of Tampa BayWe love scientific reports on shrimp here at Ozello Shrimper.  

They give us insight into where, when and why shrimp move through the area and help us more accurately target our favorite meals.

This scientific report, published in 1965 is no different.  It examines bait shrimp (read: shrimp) in the Tampa Bay area and shows where they come from and where they live.

While a lot has changed in the Tampa Bay area, water quality has generally improved since the time of this publication and we can expect that it is probably more accurate now than it was at the time of its writing.

This study examined commercial bait shrimper's catches during a seven month period between 1961 and 1962 and came to some interesting conclusions.

Did you know that you can catch shrimp in upper Tampa Bay?  Yep!  It's possible.  In fact, there is even a map inside of this study that shows you where to go!

The remainder of the study is interesting too because it gives a perspective on the growth rates of shrimp and information on where the biggest are most likely to be caught.  Hint:  it's not in upper Tampa Bay.

"Old Tampa Bay appears to be one of the main nursery areas for young pink shrimp in Tampa Bay... These shrimp probably reach maturity in the Bay before they migrate into the Gulf of Mexico".
"The smallest speciments were caught toward the headwaters of the estuary, in water of relatively low salinity.... An average of 184 more shrimp were retained per boat-hour in lower Tampa Bay than in Old Tampa Bay."

Download the full article here: