Shrimping Tools

Android Apps

Once again, we are in a mobile age so it makes sense to list Android apps for moon phase predictions and research.  Check them out on the Google Play store here:

Google Play Store Link


iOS Apps

Apple also has apps.

iTunes App Store


Current Moon Phase Predictor

This page lets you view the current moon phase and / or add it to your own web page if you so desire.  The module can also be embedded in a range of web pages and used in a variety of applications.  Note that this may not work on mobile.


Moon Phase Calendar

Monthly moon phase predictor

This pageThis page lets you predict the moon phase for an entire month. Moon pases can be seen for one year into the past and three years into the future.  If you are planning long range and want to know when the moon will be at or near full or the new moon, this chart will help you do so.