Shrimping Tools

For those of us who go out and catch our fill, we know that the fun usually ends when it comes time to clean those little suckers. Sure, there is something satisfying about picking through each shrimp you caught one by one and showing them off to your fellow shrimpers but when you shrimp every night and catch upwards of three to five gallons of shrimp an evening, it can mean a lot of work, and mess.

Shrimpers have invented any number of ways to clean their shrimp. We've personally seen machines that require a hand crank! Other shrimpers try laborious processes to handle them in bulk. Some simply give up and freeze them with their heads on. None have ever really improved on the time consuming one at a time process though.

Well, a friend of ours from the East Coast of Florida, and a member of the I.S.A.A.I.S.A.A., Paul Derry, sent us an e-mail a few weeks ago saying he did just that. We had to see what he was talking about. Lo-and-behold, he produced an idea that is shocking in its simplicity and will profoundly alter the way you clean your shrimp. Having spent some time shrimping the East Coast over many years, he has also put time and effort into creating his personal invention for your use. If you like what you see, give him a ring.

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The Sportsman's Cleaning Table

Clean shrimp and fish with ease and and easy cleanup. At only 7" tall, 15" wide and 24" long, it can be set on any surface and conveniently puts your work right up where you can get to it, reducing painful neck or back strain. It has been designed too be completely submersible for easy hose down and clean up. It comes in left or right handed models. No more sore from plucking heads and no more nasty juices all over you and your clothes. It is as easy as one two three.

Set yourself up for cleaning shrimp with two bowls. One to put the shrimp you want to keep in and another for their heads. Lay the shrimp flat on the Sportsman's Cleaning Table and use the cup (tuna can) to pluck the heads right off. Slide the can off the table like you wave an air hockey puck and the shrimp slides right into your bowl.

The Sportsman's Cleaning Table is made of scratch resistant material that will last for years to come. Only $65.00 +Shipping. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (407) 299-4957. Please contact him directly with any questions you may have regarding his product or sales policies.